My available short stories:

‘Home Haunt’ in Halloween Frights Volume One from Pill Hill Press.

‘The Wedding Present’ in And I Swear This Is True, from Static Movement and available in paperback at Amazon.

‘Android Lust’ in Roboterotica, again available from Pill Hill Press.

‘Anti-Bodies’ in Ripped Genes:  The Biopunk Special, from Morpheus Tales. Available from Smashwords.

‘Angelique’ in Gothic Blue Book: The Revenge Edition, from Burial Day Books. Available for Kindle or in paperback from Amazon.

‘The Silence of the Dead’ in Carnage: After the End Volume Two from Sirens Call. Available from Smashwords or from Amazon.

‘Mad Alice’ in SNM Horror Magazine: December Dead Dreamers. Available here until February 2013.

‘Angel of Mercy’ in Fifty Shades of Decay. Available in paperback or for eBook.

‘The Dark Net’ in Techno-Goth Cthulhu from Red Skies Press. Available in paperback from Amazon.

‘Arachne’ in SNM Horror Magazine: June Jitterbugs (2013).

‘The Light in the Window’ in 100 Doors to Madness from Forgotten Tomb Press.

‘Frozen’ in the December 2013 Winter / Undead issue at 101 Fiction.

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