Happy Christmas!

Imagine it is 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

The windows are full of a soft, Christmassy darkness, punctuated by the glow of fairy lights. You sit, in front of a roaring, log fire, with a hot cocoa or a glass of brandy beside you, and a new book of ghost stories on your lap. For there is nothing more seasonal than a ghost story and Christmas Eve, a night of quiet and magic, is the perfect night to hear the ghosts rattling their paper chains. But take care, for these stories are not necessarily for the faint of heart and not all ghost stories tuck you up and kiss you goodnight.

Christmas Chills


For those who haven’t had the chance to listen yet, my short story ‘Silent Night’ is available on Weird Darkness.

Listen now – if you dare!


Wishing you a Happy and Horror-ful Christmas!

Love and Nightmares,






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