Black Christmas

“Other movies use the pretense that evil can be defeated to attempt to surprise the audience with the possibility that it can’t. Black Christmas doesn’t bother pretending.” – Zach Hanlan

Fans of Christmas horror films will be interested to read a fascinating article over at the AV Club website here:

In his excellent article, ‘Black Christmas Reminds Us That Nothing is Sacred’, Zach Hanlan examines the unusually dark tone of the 1974 film Black Christmas.

Black Christmas has been part of my seasonal Xmas viewing for several years now. It is truly in a league of its own, not only because it is one of the few decent Christmas horror films, but as a genuinely excellent film.

After reading this article, I had to immediately watch the film again. The article is that good. The film too, will not disappoint.

Christmas horror entertainment generally falls into two camps. Comedy that pokes fun at the festivities and BBC drama based on the Christmas ghost story tradition. Black Christmas refuses both of these categorisations. There is nothing fuzzy or cozy about this Christmas horror and it utilises nothing of the Christmas ghost story tradition. It is dark and relentlessly bleak.

And so this brings us back into the darkness of my own Christmas collection. After all the purpose of this blog is to promote my own work, so this is just a friendly reminder that Christmas Chills is still available from Amazon and it is still only 99p. Enjoy!

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